March 02, 2016

NDP government has become what they once hated

With yet another funding announcement by the NDP government taking place in Calgary during the Calgary-Greenway byelection, the NDP government have become a version of what they once hated while in opposition, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today.

Education Minister David Eggen announced education funding this morning in a style that he once called “a campaign stunt more than anything substantive,” and something that previous government “should be ashamed of”.  

“The NDP government keep going further and further down the rabbit hole of questionable byelection ethics,” Wildrose Shadow Democracy and Accountability Minister Jason Nixon said. “Albertans deserve better than these cynical, campaign-style announcements with government resources.”

While in opposition, former NDP leader and current minister Brian Mason lambasted the previous government for using children as a backdrop for campaign style announcements. Less than a year into government, the NDP are now using the same formula.

“Wildrose holds itself to a higher standard than what the previous government and the NDP government are comfortable with,” Nixon said. “Wildrose will continue to hold the government to account, and urge them to adopt legislation that would ban such blatant vote buying tactics.”


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