September 01, 2015

NDP fails to deliver on transparency promise to disclose sole-source contracts

EDMONTON, AB (September 1, 2015): Despite promising greater transparency around sole-source contracts, the NDP has ignored a Treasury Board Directive to disclose all contracts between $10,000 and $75,000, Wildrose Shadow Accountability Minister Jason Nixon said today.

When the Accountability Act was introduced last fall, Premier Rachel Notley argued the directive was not strong enough and supported calls for this directive to be embedded in legislation.


Nixon said the government needs to keep their commitment to disclose this information to assure Albertans the NDP aren’t continuing with the same bad practices of the former government.


“Without this information disclosed, Albertans have no idea how this money is spent,” Nixon said. “If these contracts are being awarded to friends of the party above what’s best for the taxpayer, that information should be released immediately. Ms. Notley and the NDP committed to it last fall, Albertans expect them to keep their promise.”


Alberta brought in new rules around sole sourcing in the fall of 2014 under former Premier Jim Prentice. The new rules came into effect on April 1, 2015.


Despite the directive requiring the government to release all details on sole-source contracts quarterly, the NDP have failed to release any details to date.


“Ensuring transparency and accountability for Albertans needs to be a number one priority after 44 years of the same government,” Nixon said. “The NDP were on the same page just last year. It’s time we get this information disclosed, and beef up the legislation.”


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