November 23, 2015

NDP carbon tax will hit families the hardest

The NDP government’s new carbon tax comes with no mandate and will hit families the hardest, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today.

The NDP have already raised taxes by $1.5 billion this year alone, the majority of which come in new taxes and fees paid for by every Albertan.

With the new $3 billion carbon tax, the average family will be paying thousands of dollars in new taxes and costs under the NDP government.

“At no point did the NDP campaign on bringing in a massive new tax to be paid for by every single Albertan across the province,” Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said. “With at least 65,000 jobs lost and counting, this new carbon tax will raise the price of everything, and put jobs at risk across the province.” 

Quick Facts:

  • The carbon tax will raise the cost of heating an average household by $230 per year
  • The typical household will pay $365 more for gasoline
  • Every family and business will see a dramatic spike to their power bill
  • It will raise the price of almost all goods and services produced in Alberta, severely harming exports
  • The tax is not revenue neutral, meaning it simply makes the average Albertan poorer

A release from the Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors said without reducing royalties, the new carbon taxes have, “effectively reduced Alberta’s competitiveness and future employment through additional costs.”

Jean said packaged with higher taxes, fees, dramatic minimum wage hikes and a pending royalty review, the NDP’s new carbon tax only piles on to mounting job losses.

“Albertans are worried. They see an NDP government that continuously shows it is out-of-touch with economic reality on several important files,” Jean said. “With a new carbon tax, things will get a lot worse for those Albertans before they get better.”


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