September 24, 2014

More of the same: Prentice misses the mark on accountability: Anderson

AIRDRIE, AB (September 24, 2014): Premier Jim Prentice’s pledges on accountability are weak and vague, and amount to more of the same, Wildrose Finance Critic Rob Anderson said today.

On Wednesday, Prentice re-announced a series of promises he had made in his leadership campaign to increase accountability in government. Anderson said the announcement indicates Prentice’s first legislative priority is to protect Albertans from the PC government, but he said Prentice should practice what he preaches.

“In his very first days in office, Mr. Prentice made a series of patronage appointments for his campaign staff, friends and inner circle, yet somehow we’re supposed to believe he means business on introducing merit-based hiring and ending patronage,” Anderson said. “He appointed two unelected Ministers to cabinet, making a mockery of our democracy. He hired lobbyists to work in his Premier’s office after he promised to crackdown on lobbyists who abuse their connections to government. This is just more of the same PC cronyism Albertans have come to despise.”

Anderson said the few details Prentice did provide don’t go near far enough to addressing the pervasive culture of entitlement within the PC government.

“Limiting severance payments for a few dozen political staffers is merely 1 per cent of the problem,” Anderson said. “What about the hundreds of millions in ridiculous severance and bonuses to AHS executives and senior managers across government. Today’s announcement is clearly a stunt that will do little if anything to curb the PC culture of entitlement.”


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