July 20, 2012

More details needed on pipeline review

CALGARY, AB (July 20, 2012): Energy Minister Ken Hughes should provide more details and attach a firm timeline on the pipeline review he announced this morning, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today.  Hughes announced the government will undertake a three-point review of Alberta’s pipeline network, but didn’t say when it would be done and could not identify the “independent third party” that will conduct the review along with the Energy Resources Conservation Board.

 “We support this kind of pipeline review, but we need more information,” Wildrose Energy Critic Jason Hale said. “Pipelines remain the safest, most secure way to move our product to market. It’s imperative that our network is reviewed. I look forward to working with the Energy Minister to make sure this review is effective, transparent and truly independent.”  Both Hale and Wildrose Environment Critic Joe Anglin say the review is necessary in order to demonstrate the safety and reliability of Alberta’s vital natural resource sector.  “Albertans must have confidence and the world must have confidence that we can manage our resources responsibly,” Anglin said. “We need to grow our energy sector, protect our environment and get our resources out to market while at the same time keeping Alberta communities safe.” 



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