May 27, 2013

McAllister statement on the need for improved safety on Highway 8

CHESTERMERE, AB (May 27, 2013): Wildrose MLA for Chestermere-Rocky View Bruce McAllister released the following statement on the need to improve safety on Highway 8 between Calgary and Bragg Creek. “We know that Highway 8 was never designed for the volume of traffic it’s currently experiencing, continued inaction is no longer acceptable.

“Something needs to be done to improve highway safety, doing nothing is no longer an option.  For the Minister of Transportation Ric McIver to simply suggest that there isn’t too much traffic on the road is selling Albertans short. “We need to consider all options to improve highway safety whether it is looking at widening the shoulders, creating passing lanes, completing the west-leg of the ring road, looking at ways to reduce truck traffic or twinning the highway.  We hope the government will listen and take action instead of creating further excuses.” The province’s current standards for a Highway to be eligible for twinning requires roughly an average of 10,000 vehicles per day (Page 23/28), while the average vehicle traffic on the east end of Highway 8 in 2012 was 14,320 vehicles a day (Page 27/165) and rises to 33,000 vehicles a day by the time it reaches Sarcee Trail.



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