March 15, 2013

McAllister statement on Alberta teacher agreement

EDMONTON, AB (March 15, 2013): Wildrose Education Critic Bruce McAllister released the following statement today after the government announced a four-year agreement with the Alberta Teachers’ Association: “Overall, I am pleased to see an agreement reached, some stability brought back to the education system, and teachers where they belong – in the classroom teaching our children. 

“It has been disappointing to see how the PC government has handled these ongoing negotiations, dragging the process out until the 11th hour to get a deal done. The public’s confidence in this government’s ability to competently manage the education system has taken a hit as a result. “It’s also concerning that school boards were not brought into the process. The last time school boards were shut out, it led to a significant funding gap that resulted in Premier Redford having to plug $107 million back into the education system. “I hope the provisions of the deal will help reduce the bureaucratic burden teachers face so they can spend less time filling out government-mandated paperwork and jumping through hoops and more quality time with students. “The Wildrose Official Opposition will continue to monitor the agreement as it plays over time and make sure it serves Alberta families and students as best it can."



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