February 26, 2013

McAllister responds to ATA rejection of govt's latest contract proposal

EDMONTON, AB (February 26, 2013):  Wildrose Education Critic Bruce McAllister released the following statement on the current state of negotiations on a new contract for Alberta teachers: “After over two years of ongoing negotiating with Alberta teachers, I am disappointed to hear that this government has once again failed to come up with a deal that protects taxpayers, and failed to take away the burden of paperwork and wasteful administration on teachers so they can spend more time doing what they do best: teaching. 

“The Wildrose supports holding the line on public spending, that’s why we campaigned on it.  But, instead of being open and transparent with Albertans about the state of Alberta’s finances, the PC government insisted on making major election promises that they themselves knew they would never be able to keep.  Now after voting themselves an eight per cent pay raise in the fall, this government has lost ability and the authority to lead by example. “The best deal for Albertans begins at the negotiating table and the Wildrose encourages all parties to reach an agreement that is fiscally responsible and ensures stability for school boards, teachers and families going forward.”


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