December 04, 2013

McAllister demands government accountability for slipping student grades

EDMONTON, AB (December 4, 2013): Today, Wildrose Education Critic Bruce McAllister demanded accountability in Alberta Education in the wake of years of overcrowded classrooms, under-resourced schools and declining student outcomes. Results from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development Programme for International Student Assessment released this week indicate declining results for Albertan students in math, reading and science. 

Alberta dropped from eighth in math and second in science and reading in the 2009 assessment to 11th, fifth and fourth spots, respectively. “Student grades are slipping and the government shouldn’t point the finger at teachers. The government needs to own its responsibility on this,” McAllister said. “Class sizes are ballooning as this government breaks promise after promise. The number of new teachers isn’t even close to keeping up with increasing student enrollment.” The OECD results show the government’s push for a new grading system that eliminates percentages and letter grades is failing, McAllister said. “The PC government’s support for the no-zero policy and the move toward eliminating accountability and life lessons from learning is impeding student outcomes,” McAllister said. “That’s not how the world works and that’s contributing to these declining grades.”


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