February 27, 2014

McAllister applauds Battle River School Division

CAMROSE, AB (February 27, 2014): Wildrose Education Critic Bruce McAllister applauded the Battle River School Division today for reversing its decision with regard to high-school student assessment and is urging the PC government to steer clear of ineffective assessment models  as they revisit curriculums. 

“We applaud elected officials of the Battle River School Division for listening to students, parents and teachers and reversing the changes to the student assessment structure,” McAllister said. “After immense pressure, the school board is putting a halt to numeric grade system and returning to percentage grades in high schools. This decision only came about because students and parents would not accept these provincially pushed changes to the assessment model.” Under the recent assessment model students would receive a mark of beginning, developing, achieving or excelling. A student who received a mark between zero and 49 per cent would be at the ‘beginning’ level. A student who scored between 50 and 66 per cent would be at the ‘developing’ level, ‘achieving’ would be between 67 and 83 per cent and ‘excelling’ from 84 to 100 per cent. Students, parents and teachers had voiced concerns about the assessment changes. “It is no secret that the Alberta government is pushing radical changes to curriculum and assessment practices in Alberta,” McAllister said. “We don’t need the provincial government pushing curriculum and assessment models that parents, teachers and students do not want.”


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