February 19, 2015

Massive PC tax increase will only subsidize broken and bloated government

EDMONTON, AB (February 19, 2015): While Premier Jim Prentice prepares to levy a massive $1.3 billion tax increase for the most bloated and lowest performing health care system in Canada, a new report shows Alberta’s government is losing out on $8 billion this year alone due to years of wasteful overspending, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today.

A recent Canadian Institute for Health Information report shows the PC government spends 20 per cent above the national average on health care, while having some of the worst performance outcomes in Canada. According to reports, the new tax would be soaked directly from an individual’s tax bill, costing the average Alberta family well over $1,000. 

“This tax increase will be one of the largest in Alberta’s history, and will do absolutely nothing in improving the quality of our health care system,” Wildrose Leader Heather Forsyth said.  “Taxing and spending more is not a recipe for strengthening our finances or our health care system. What we need is serious reform with how we spend our health care dollars to improve outcomes and support on the front-lines, and immediately begin spending cutbacks and salary reductions across managerial levels.”

A new report released by the Fraser Institute reveals that Alberta spends the most per-capita on program spending across Canada after spending $49 billion above inflation and population growth for the past decade. 

Wildrose Finance Critic Drew Barnes said the government needs to take more immediate steps to put Alberta’s finances back on track and line spending closer to private sector realities and national averages on per-capita spending.

“Today is just the latest example of how Alberta’s current fiscal situation lies directly on the shoulders of the PC government after years of wasteful overspending,” Barnes said.  “To raise job-killing taxes that will hurt families while Alberta has by far and away the most expensive government in Canada is not what Albertans want.  They want a government that looks lean, efficient, accountable and targets spending on front-line services.”


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