March 19, 2012

Listen to the concerns of parents, Premier: Anderson

EDMONTON, AB (March 19, 2012): It’s time for Premier Redford, Education Minister Thomas Lukaszuk and the PC government to recognize the paramount right of parents to make choices concerning their children’s education, Wildrose MLA Rob Anderson said today.  Over 2,000 concerned parents and families gathered today at the Legislature to protest against portions of Bill 2 the Education Act, legislation they believe will infringe on their Charter rights. 

 Specific concerns centre on the controversial Section 3 of human rights legislation which has gained notoriety as a clause used by the Alberta Human Rights Commission to attack the rights of freedom of speech and freedom of religion.  Due to Section 16 of Bill 2, the decisions and interpretations of Alberta Human Rights Commission will become a mandatory part of the provincial curriculum, including for students educated in Catholic schools, faith-based private schools and for those students who are homeschooled.  Last summer Premier Alison Redford committed to repealing Section 3 but changed gears weeks after becoming Premier saying that her government will “review” the issue.  Anderson questioned the Premier today and asked why she has backed down from her leadership campaign promise.  “Redford has already broken her promise on this draconian clause in our human rights legislation,” Anderson said.  “How can she expect parents to trust that she will protect parental rights when her list of broken promises on free speech and other issues continues to grow?”  The Wildrose Caucus stands for free enterprise, less government, increased personal freedom and democracy.


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