March 22, 2012

Let's get the Education Act right

EDMONTON, AB (March 22, 2012): The Wildrose Caucus is denouncing today’s move by the PC government to railroad four last-minute omnibus amendments to Bill 2, the Education Act, through the Legislature tonight.  The government presented four amendments to the Wildrose Caucus at noon today along with a request for unanimous consent to debate and pass them this evening when the House is usually adjourned. 

Wildrose Education Critic Rob Anderson said that the Wildrose is looking forward to debating these and further amendments once the Legislature resumes on April 2.  “There’s no need to rush this. We don’t believe in passing bills on the fly like this. We believe in proper consultation with stakeholders and constituents,” Anderson said. “We take the business of the Legislature seriously and do not want to rush through amendments forced through by this government for political expediency. It’s time for the PCs to stop playing politics with our education system and our kids.”  Education Minister Thomas Lukaszuk and the PC government have controlled the Legislative agenda on when to pass the Education Act and in fact criticized the Wildrose for introducing amendments of their own after hearing concerns from parents across Alberta. The PCs voted them down.  Just yesterday, Education Minister Thomas Lukaszuk criticized the Wildrose for bringing in “a slew of last-minute amendments.”  Anderson reiterated the position of the Wildrose Caucus supporting Bill 2 except for Section 16 and hopes the government brings forward amendments to alleviate those concerns.  The Wildrose Caucus stands for free enterprise, less government, increased personal freedom and democracy.


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