May 07, 2013

Legislature passes Wildrose Film Tax Credit Motion

EDMONTON, AB (May 7, 2013): With support from all parties, the Legislature passed Wildrose Culture Critic Blake Pedersen’s private members’ motion urging the government to restore a competitive film tax credit to bolster Alberta’s film industry. The proposal in Pedersen’s motion would replace the current system of awarding grants to film companies through the Alberta Multimedia Development Fund with a tax credit that would enable all companies to recoup a portion of their production costs.

Pedersen said a tax credit system, unlike a granting system, doesn’t pick winners and losers, and provides the same competitive advantages and opportunities for the entire film industry. “With Alberta’s low-tax environment, we believe a tax credit for film producers would make Alberta the most attractive and competitive jurisdiction in Canada for the film industry,” Pedersen said. “I was extremely pleased to see all parties support this motion and I look forward to the government taking action to implement the film tax credit.” The tax credit Pedersen envisions would be modeled after credits currently in place in BC and Ontario. Both the BC and Ontario film tax credits allows producers to claim up to 35% of qualified labour costs within the province.



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