Danielle Smith's Principal Question: October 31

EDMONTON, AB (October 31, 2012): Today, Opposition Leader Danielle Smith asked the following question:

Mr Speaker, here’s another scary idea for taxpayers: the spectre of tax hikes. The Minister of Municipal Affairs has been meeting with big city mayors to discuss city charters. It appears Calgary’s mayor emerged ‘‘super happy” with what they’ve heard so far about their quest for new tax powers. The Calgary Mayor is floating the idea of a new municipal sales tax, a municipal vehicle registration tax, a municipal tourism tax, a municipal fuel tax. Yet the Minister says such taxing powers are not on the table. What’s the truth?

Mr Speaker, we’re not advocating for more taxes. Given that the minister says he’s not either, if he has given the mayors such bad news, can he explain why the mayors have walked away so “super happy”?