Danielle In The House, October 31: Government Accountability

Ms Smith: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Albertans are honest, forthright, and upfront. These are our core values that make us who we are, so naturally we are disappointed when the government fails to live up to those values. We were promised a new approach to accountability. It was central to the arrival of a new leader, a new Premier, and a new government. Honesty, openness, transparency: these words were and still are tossed about daily from the other side with no regard for what they actually mean.

The reality is quite different: denials, secrecy, silence. This is what has come to define this government under this Premier. Her words and their actions just don’t line up. Albertans have to look no further than what has transpired in this Assembly since we reconvened last week. Daily questions about MLA pay hikes and questionable political contributions to this PC government are met with scorn, ridicule, crude jokes, and stonewalling. We’re not asking for much, Mr. Speaker, just the truth, just what the Premier promised when she said, and I quote: if what we are doing doesn’t pass the highest levels of scrutiny, we shouldn’t be doing it.


Those words ring especially hollow today, the day we learn that Elections Alberta will indeed investigate her party for accepting a massive election contribution from a single source. Mr. Speaker, the Premier has an opportunity to save Alberta taxpayers a whack of dough and start repairing her tattered reputation on accountability and transparency by doing one simple thing, release the cheques. If this contribution was above board, if she’s done nothing wrong, the cheques will prove it, so just release them. We doubt that will happen because despite claiming to adhere to, quote, the highest levels of scrutiny, this government’s words and its actions tell a different story.

Mr. Speaker, the Wildrose Official Opposition is deeply committed to keeping this government accountable and transparent, and for us that’s more than just words.