Danielle In The House, October 23: Wildrose Policies

Ms Smith: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. As I say, great to be back here in the Assembly, and I speak on behalf of our entire Wildrose Official Opposition when I say that it is even better to see how many Wildrose ideas have made their way onto the legislative agenda. From top to bottom, with few exceptions, the government’s fall agenda lineup reads like a page straight out of the Wildrose green book.

First, the revised Education Act. The original bill attempted to sidestep parents as the most important decision-makers in their children’s education. It died when the Wildrose and families across Alberta rose up to defeat it, but the bill is back again, Mr. Speaker, with families keeping the rights that they always knew that they had.

Next, the Electric Utilities Amendment Act will make sure that all future transmission projects will be approved by the Alberta Utilities Commission, not the provincial cabinet members. Mr. Speaker, that also sounds awfully familiar. On we go. The Election Accountability Amendment Act, naming those political parties who broke the law by accepting illegal contributions. Sounds like Wildrose policy, too.

The Public Interest Disclosure (Whistleblower Protection) Act. Whistleblower protection: page 42 of the Wildrose platform.

And it’s not just bills. Today we hear the health superboard hair say that he wants more local decision-making on the ground in Alberta hospitals. Not only that, but he has the full backing of the province to go ahead and start doing it. Mr. Speaker, I could fill a book with all the times that we called for that.

Now, I suppose that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but my Wildrose colleagues are wondering when the government is finally going to copy our single most important idea, a balanced budget and money in the bank. I’ve got to say, Mr. Speaker, that I’m somewhat less optimistic about that one, but I won’t give up. After all, with a Wildrose caucus that’s proven itself this effective so far, I believe anything is possible.