March 27, 2012

Just the Facts: Wildrose's plan for municipalities

A story in the Edmonton Journal misrepresents Wildrose’s policy on municipalities.  In February, Wildrose released its Commitment to Municipalities, the centrepiece of which was the Community Infrastructure Transfer which would transfer 10% of all provincial taxes AND 10% of surplus revenues directly to municipalities.  

To read the Commitment to Municipalities, please click here.

  • Wildrose’s 10-10 plan gives municipalities the freedom to choose their own priorities, with no strings attached, eliminating needless layers of bureaucracy and a patchwork of funding programs that play to the whims of the PC MLAs in the Legislature.
  • Under Wildrose’s plan municipalities will receive at least $70 million MORE in 2012-13 than under the current PC scheme.
  • When the economy does well, the 10-10 formula ensures even MORE funds go to municipalities to invest in things like transit.
  • Rather than maintaining support for the Green Trip Program, in 2012-13 the Redford PCs slashed Green Trip funding by $107 million.
  • Unlike under the Redford PCs, Wildrose does not believe municipal funding should be tied to political favours and jeopardized if municipalities choose to speak out against the government.

Wildrose stands for free enterprise, less government, increased personal freedom and democracy. 


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