March 28, 2012

Just The Facts: Push Poll Sponsored by Redford PCs

As reported in various media, the Redford PCs are calling thousands of Albertans under the guise of a poll to deliver false and misleading statements about Wildrose. Here are the claims and the facts: PC Claim: Wildrose wants to freeze health care spending.

FACT:  False.  Each of Wildrose’s alternative budgets have proposed increases to health care spending. PC Claim: Wildrose thinks parents should pay more fees for kindergarten and special needs. 

FACT: False. Wildrose has never called for fees for kindergarten, and in our alternative budget Wildrose committed to invest new dollars to hire additional special needs assistants. PC Claim: Wildrose supports drinking and driving right up to the legal limit without sanction. FACT: False.  Wildrose MLAs have consistently supported the current 24 hour suspensions available to police and have called for increased police resources to target impaired drivers. However, more concerning to voters is the apparent deception presented by PC Alberta regarding this push poll. On March 26, 2012, Stephen Carter, Redford’s Chief of Staff and PC Campaign Strategist, denied PC Alberta involvement in this push poll in a posting on Twitter.  “Hmm? Me? The only push polls I have heard about tend to come from the [Wildrose]” (Stephen Carter via Twitter). However, the following day, Stephen Carter admitted that the push poll was, in fact, sponsored by PC Alberta.  “PC party campaign strategist Stephen Carter defended the Tory-generated automated calls on Tuesday, saying the survey is meant to research why the Wildrose party is appealing to Albertans.” (Calgary Herald, March 27, 2012). If we can’t trust the Redford PCs to own-up to their own misleading push poll, how can we believe anything else they say on the campaign?



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