February 06, 2013

JUST THE FACTS: Property rights advocate's pro-PC partisan past

EDMONTON, AB (February 6, 2013): Today, the PC government will officially introduce Lee Cutforth as Alberta’s first Property Rights Advocate. According to Alberta Justice, the department Cutforth will report to, he will provide “impartial and independent” information to Alberta landowners.

But wait a minute … Cutforth’s Twitter activity during the recent spring election campaign is anything but impartial and independent. His frequent pro-PC tweeting leaves little doubt as to where his loyalties lie – and perhaps offers some insight into why he was hand-picked for this sensitive position. Tweets from @leecutforth: April 22: RT @susan_elliott RT @DavidStaplesYEG One final time: 10 reasons why I'm voting for Alison Redford's Progressive Conservatives http://bit.ly/I12Qic%20%20%20#elxnpc April 21: RT @CalgaryRob: Remington: Why this conservative is no Dani boy http://www.calgaryherald.com/opinion/calgary-bloggers/Remington+this+conservative+Dani/6495004/story.html   … #abvote April 20: RT @PCAB_Comms: Wildrose War Room Goes Wild: http://www.votepc.ca/admin/contentx/dpNews/launch.cfm?itemid=2530&r=10187   … #abvote #pcaa April 20: RT @DavidStaplesYEG: Globe & Mail editorial by Alberta expat John Geiger endorses Alison Redford http://bit.ly/J6Ux4S  #abvote April 17: RT @crontynen: Hearing more & more reports of green & pinks converting to the blue & orange! It's a beautiful thing. #abvote April 14: RT @ShawnThePainter: polls show @Premier_Redford as most competant and credible choice for leader #abvote #pcaa #wrp April 12: RT @KellyCryderman: Redford kicker/zinger/rebuttal: “And fundamentally, my change protects the rights of all Albertans.” #abvote #abdebate April 11: RT @crontynen: @Premier_Redford stood for change & still does. Great piece: http://www.calgaryherald.com/news/Poisoned/6433925/story.html … #abvote #yyc #yeg #ymm #elxnpc April 9: RT @RobertRemington: Danielle Smith’s impaired driving fairy tale #abvote #ableg #wrp #pcaa http://shar.es/rqXli To say nothing of his $500 donation to PC candidate Greg Weadick, the attached eight pages of Cutforth tweets and retweets during the campaign reveal him to be strongly pro-PC and anti-Wildrose. Given the political sensitivity of the property rights issue, Cutforth’s strong association with the PC party can’t be overlooked. “The PCs hand-picked Mr. Cutforth for this hyper-sensitive position because they know they can count on him to toe the party line,” Wildrose Justice Critic Shayne Saskiw said. “His past partisan activity certainly calls into question his independence. As a Wildrose MLA, I’m not very confident that if I come to him with an issue on behalf of a constituent that he will give me a fair shake.” "Wildrose would repeal laws that take away property rights in the first place, negating the needs for the costs of a PC insider, his staff and office,” Saskiw added. To see more of his tweets, click here.



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