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JUST THE FACTS: Prentice’s PCs are the ones playing games with savings and spending claims

EDMONTON, AB (April 17, 2015): The Prentice PCs are desperate to fool Albertans into thinking the Wildrose plan to balance the budget without raising taxes doesn’t work. 

They’re desperate because Wildrose has put forward a detailed plan that reverses the Prentice tax hikes and targets cuts at the cronyism and entitlements a 44-year old government holds dear.

Meanwhile, the fiscal announcement Prentice released Wednesday didn’t contain a single dollar sign.

Here are the FACTS:

  • Prentice claims the budget will be balanced in 2017 - the major contracts with public sector are not expiring this year, so this could mean only one or zero years of zero percent increases
  • Unless Prentice is vowing to remove arbitration again as Horner and Redford proposed under Bill 46, he cannot promise any outcome from negotiation
  • Budget 2015 actually allows for an additional $2.6 billion of wage increases over the next three years – is this still happening?
  • Prentice listed a number of potential savings measures, but does not attach a single dollar sign to a number anywhere in the release. Wildrose provides subtotals and totals by year for its savings
  • Prentice’s claim to balance the budget in 2017 does not include “Capital Investments” despite his vow to provide a balanced number that does. That’s why the PCs are once again claiming a balanced budget while taking on $5 billion in new debt in 2017
  • Prentice is claiming that Wildrose will slash services, despite our measured list of savings that do not affect the front lines, only managers, cronies, and bad practices 
  • Our infrastructure plan extends the current capital plan from 5 years to 6, so some lower priority projects will be slightly delayed 
  • Wildrose has front-loaded its capital plan and proposed tendering changes to ensure we can build schools at least as quickly as the PCs, who have failed miserably in this regard