September 30, 2014

Just the Facts - Prentice Friends get rich off Alberta taxpayers

Jim Prentice, the new PC Premier and candidate for Calgary-Foothills, promised he would restore trust in the provincial government and would end sweetheart deals and sole sourced contracts, he said that “qualifications not connections” would be the criteria, but those rules clearly don’t apply where his friends are concerned.

Charles Rusnell’s article, Alberta Tories Breached Policies on Sole Source Flood Contracts, brings this to light ( Yet again the new Premier is showing that he plays by his own set of rules and that Albertans are in for more of the same.

Here are the facts: 

  • The PCs handed a politically connected company $250,000 worth of communications contracts without bothering to find the best deal or the most qualified firm to perform the work.
  • The company in question, Navigator, was involved in Alison Redford’s leadership campaign, and most recently has an employee involved in the current Calgary-Elbow by-election.
  • Jim Prentice maintains close ties with several Navigator officials, whom he considers to be personal friends, and used as a spokesperson during his leadership campaign.
  • The Auditor General found that Navigator cashed in on the sweetheart deal by collecting an additional $30,000 above the going rate for the work completed.
  • While serving as the Minister for Service Alberta, Manmeet Bhullar who was the PC Premier’s co-campaign manager, awarded the Premier’s workplace, CIBC, a sole sourced contract worth $250,000.

Albertans are sick and tired of the PC Party using tax payer dollars to reward their friends. It’s time to send the PCs a message.  


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