April 21, 2015

JUST THE FACTS: PCs No Longer Deserve a Blank Cheque

EDMONTON, AB (April 21, 2015): The latest Prentice PC reversal on their budget comes after strong opposition from Albertans and the Wildrose on the cruel PC plan to increase taxes on charitable donations.

This latest PC flip flop would never have happened without a strong Wildrose voice.


  • Not a single PC MLA or candidate spoke out when the Budget came out against this tax on charitable giving
  • Wildrose was the first party to stand up for the charitable sector after the budget, and the to make it a campaign promise
  • Just last week, Prentice said,

“When I say I’m going to do something I will do it. This is a good plan, it’s good for the province, it’s good for our future together and I intend to stick to it” 

The reality is, Albertans can’t trust the PCs after an election to not hurt charities or to keep any of their promises.

Only Wildrose has a plan with five priorities to stand up for Albertans and make our province an even better place to live.


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