April 06, 2012

JUST THE FACTS: PCs Knew For Over A Year That AMA Rejected Their "Fast Track" Initiative As Redundant

In his Herald column today, Don Braid referred to a letter that the AMA sent to Health Minister Fred Horne in December 2011 outlining their opposition to the “Fast Track” proposal the government had made. An Alberta doctor with extensive emergency experience forwarded the letter to Heather Forsyth, Wildrose candidate in Calgary Fish-Creek, and the letter is attached. 

Our source said he was concerned about recent "lapses in transparency - the ongoing delay in releasing the March 31st AHS report card, along with not addressing the fact that this government has missed its own 8 hour EDLOS benchmark." The attached letter was sent to Alberta Health and Wellness Minister Fred Horne in December 2011 by Dr. Felix Soibelman, President of the Section of Emergency Medicine of the Alberta Medical Association. Our source, describing the context in which Dr. Soibelman’s letter was sent, explains that the AMA "told the government at the time:

  • “it is a very old idea already implemented in most busy EDs [Emergency Departments];
  • “it has nothing to do with addressing ED overcrowding, as that deals with moving very SICK patients - who require hospital admission - through the acute care system and the bottleneck is outside of the ED (long term care as an obvious bottleneck);
  • “there are much better ED efficiency models already being implemented. And these can only succeed in conjunction with addressing the capacity issues.
  • “It seems to indicate that this government truly does not understand the System Access Block we have been trying to engage and dialogue with them about for years... But that they are actually ignoring the front line expert advice and instead are choosing to usher empty and meaningless campaign promises to "fix" the problem (There seems to have been a similar pattern with the creation of AHS, and with the new announcement regarding FCCs!)"

This attached letter is further evidence that the PC announcement yesterday was a desperate and redundant attempt to deflect attention from their shameful record in Alberta’s Emergency Rooms. Wildrose stands for free enterprise, less government, increased personal freedom, and democracy.


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