February 11, 2016

JUST THE FACTS: NDP carbon tax damaging to our province 

NDP Economic Development Minister Deron Bilous needs to stop misleading Albertans by calling his government's massive $3 billion carbon tax, "revenue neutral," the Wildrose Official Opposition said today.

The comments were made after the BC government rightly noted the NDP’s carbon tax is nothing but, “an opportunistic reach into taxpayers’ wallets,” compared to BC’s carbon tax that actually comes with off-setting tax reductions for families and business.
“The NDP’s carbon tax is nothing but a massive transfer out of Albertans’ wallets, and into the hands of government,” Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said. “During a time of massive economic uncertainty, it’s time for the NDP to stop misleading Albertans and to back down from these expensive economic policies.”

Quick Facts:

  • Economists are unanimous in agreeing that the NDP government’s $3 billion dollar carbon tax is not revenue neutral – and is a poor way to raise government revenue.

  • The carbon tax will cost the average Alberta household almost $1,000 when fully implemented.

  • Power bills under the NDP government will rapidly increase while tens of thousands of Albertans have lost their jobs, and thousands more have seen their hours cut.

  • The carbon tax will raise gas prices by about 6.7 cents per litre and natural gas prices by about $1.50 per GJ.

The reality is our province simply can’t afford a $3 billion dollar carbon tax that is damaging to everyday Albertans.

Wildrose will continue to urge the NDP government to reconsider its carbon tax grab. Albertans can’t afford for this ill-considered plan to continue.


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