March 28, 2012

Just The Facts: More PC Waste

Today, Premier Alison Redford announced a $3-billion corporate welfare program for oil sands companies to develop new and unproven environmental technology. This comes on the heels of the PC government's previous corporate welfare program, the $2-billion subsidy for carbon capture and storage. 

A re-elected PC government will continue down the path of picking winners and losers with taxpayer dollars - sending billions to their corporate backers to invest in unproven schemes. This is exactly the type of wasteful spending a new Wildrose government would scrap. Here are the facts:

  • The multi-billion dollar companies operating in the oil sands have already struck an agreement to work together on sharing strategies and environmentally-friendly technology without Alison Redford's assistance.
  • Oil sands operators are always coming up with new ways of extracting bitumen more efficiently and taking advantage of by products for things like generating electricity.  They don't need government handouts to be efficient.

There is a more responsible alternative to PC waste and corporate welfare payouts.  The Wildrose believes the role of government is to set strict standards regarding the air, land, and water quality, enforce those standards properly and provide across-the-board incentives that will help spur new developments in a fair way. For more on the Wildrose environmental policy visit the Wildrose Green Book at


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