August 14, 2012

Just say no to carbon tax hike: Wildrose

EDMONTON, AB (August 14, 2012): A punitive increase to Alberta’s carbon tax will damage Alberta’s economic growth during a time of economic uncertainty, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today.  The PC government has charged public officials to consider a proposal to double the $15 per-tonne tax levied on energy companies for failing to meet government standards, in order to appear to be taking action to reduce Alberta’s carbon emissions.

One proposal includes doubling the $15 per-tonne tax levied on energy companies for failing to meet government standards.  Wildrose Finance and Treasury Board Critic Rob Anderson said a doubling of the carbon tax would be a major broken promise from Premier Alison Redford after campaigning on no tax hikes during the most recent election.  “This tax hike will kill jobs and increase energy prices for Alberta families.  Like Stelmach’s ‘Fair Share’ tax grab before her, it is completely unacceptable that Premier Redford is considering a hike on Alberta’s energy producers that will hamper competitiveness and burden Albertans,” Anderson said.  “Isn’t it interesting that not even four months after the election where the Progressive Conservatives promised no tax increases, Premier Redford is already considering going back on her word?”  The Wildrose supports real measures that reduce Alberta’s carbon footprint by promoting the use of lower carbon fuels such as natural gas and other alternative energy sources.  Wildrose Environment Critic Joe Anglin said that a new carbon tax is the wrong way to implement meaningful environmental policies that will benefit Alberta and the economy.  “The PC government is famous for its environmental public relations schemes that do little to curb emissions and instead wind up costing Alberta taxpayers,” Anglin said.  “We need to put forward meaningful incentives for our energy industry to measurably reduce carbon emissions instead of hiking taxes.” 


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