March 18, 2016

Jean writes to Trudeau: cancel tanker ban on BC coast

Today, Wildrose Leader Brian Jean sent a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau requesting he cancel any plans surrounding a moratorium on tanker traffic on British Columbia’s north coast, in light of the negative impact it will have on Canada's energy sector. 

“Albertans are frustrated and tired of having regulatory hurdles or bans stop the development and progress of our energy sector – especially during a time when global commodity prices have dropped so dramatically,” Jean said. “Northern Gateway has already been approved by the National Energy Board and would help grow Canada’s economy by over $300 billion. All we need is the federal government to stop standing in the way.”

After a week of deflecting questions, Jean said it’s time for Premier Rachel Notley to fight for Alberta’s economy and make it clear to the federal government and other provincial governments why the tanker ban should end.

“The Premier of Alberta should be representing Alberta’s interests, but this ban works directly against us,” Jean said. “It’s time for the NDP to choose a side on this issue and make it clear to Albertans where they stand.”


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