March 01, 2016

Jean statement on Quebec injunction against Energy East

Today, Wildrose Leader Brian Jean released the following statement on Quebec seeking an injunction against Energy East:

“If Quebec wants to block our pipelines, they should send back the over $10 billion in equalization payments they are receiving this year alone and explain why they prefer Saudi and Nigerian oil over Canadian oil.

“As Albertans become increasingly worried about mounting job losses, these types of short-sighted political games will only increase regional tensions across Canada.

“This should also be a rude awakening for Premier Rachel Notley, who has time-and-time again failed to clearly and passionately make the case for Alberta’s energy sector and our pipelines.

“The fact is, the Energy East pipeline could provide a further $9 billion of economic activity in Quebec alone. It would share the prosperity of Alberta’s energy sector across our country and reduce Canada’s reliance on oil from dictatorships.

“Further attempts to strong arm Alberta’s industry from provinces across the country needs to stop. It’s time the federal government stopped playing on the sidelines and finally showed support for Canada’s energy sector.”


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