February 24, 2016

Jean speaks at Albany Club highlighting why a strong Canada needs a strong Alberta

Today, Wildrose Leader Brian Jean delivered a speech to the Albany Club outlining the connection between the Canadian and Albertan economies, and why a strong Canada needs a strong Alberta.

A copy of the speech can be found here.

Speech highlights include: the need to correct commonly spread misinformation about the energy sector; the significance of Alberta’s energy exports to the rest of Canada’s economy and our mutual need for each other; and, that history will show pipelines to be the 21st century’s nation builders, uniting us and spreading wealth across our country.

“Albertans don’t need Ottawa’s borrowed money, we need a government that will stop throwing red tape at our energy sector and start adopting a pro-Canada approach to industry,” Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said. “I am grateful for the chance to speak at the Albany Club, and I look forward to sharing more about the importance of Alberta’s economy during my remaining time in Ontario.”


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