February 14, 2013

Jason Hale reponds to single regulator consultation tour

EDMONTON, AB (February 14, 2013): Wildrose Energy Critic Jason Hale made the following statement in response to the single energy regulator consultation tour the government announced today:

 “Once again, the PC government is doing things backwards. The time to consult Albertans about important issues is before you pass legislation, not afterward. “This government had ample opportunity both before and during the legislative debate on the single energy regulator to seek input from Albertans, but instead they rammed the bill through the Legislature without adequate debate. “We put forward several amendments to the legislation that reflected the concerns of industry and landowners, but the government brushed them aside. Now, after the legislation has become law, I suspect the government will hear those very same concerns during their upcoming consultations. Only now it is too late for them to act. “Wildrose believes in taking the time to pass legislation right. That means proper consultation before bills are passed, not expensive public relations tours after they become law.”



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