March 14, 2014

Jansen should apologize for bullying, attack on electrical trade: Bikman

EDMONTON, AB (March 14, 2014): Associate Minister of Family and Community Safety Sandra Jansen should immediately retract and apologize for personally aggressive and derogatory comments she made towards the electrical trade this afternoon on national television, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today. 

Appearing on CTV Power Play, Jansen personally attacked former PC MLA Len Webber for leaving the PC caucus, saying “maybe he should go back to being an electrician.” Wildrose Jobs, Skills, Labour and Training Critic Gary Bikman said Jansen’s comments are insulting to hardworking tradespeople who build and sustain Alberta’s nation-leading economy. “Skilled tradespeople are the glue that holds this economy together, and for a PC minister to be so condescending and insulting towards them is completely unacceptable,” Bikman said. “Minister Jansen did not refer to electricians and politicians in terms of being equal. Underlying her comments is the elitist and wrongheaded attitude that being an electrician would be a step down. She needs to apologize.” Wildrose Justice Critic Shayne Saskiw said the personal and malicious nature of Jansen’s comments toward Webber make her unfit to lead the province’s anti-bullying initiatives. “We can’t have a minister in charge of combating bullying in our schools and neighbourhoods go on national television and personally attack an individual in this manner,” Saskiw said. “Forty-three years of uninterrupted PC government breeds arrogance and entitlement, even among the rookies. The Premier ought to seriously reconsider if Ms. Jansen should remain in charge of the bullying file.”


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