December 21, 2012

Is Alberta under-taxed? Here are the facts

EDMONTON, AB (December 21, 2012): Are Alberta’s tax revenues too low or is the PC government putting the economic health of Alberta at risk with more deficits, debt and over-spending?


Here are the facts:

  • Albertans pay the highest per-capita personal income taxes of any province
  • In personal income tax revenue Alberta takes in 14% more than the per-capita average across Canada
  • In corporate tax revenue Alberta takes in 14% more per-capita than the average across Canada


Per Capita Income Tax ($ millions)  
Province Budget 2012-13
Provincial   Average 2226.35
Alberta 2555.10
Quebec 2473.36
Nova Scotia 2381.39
Manitoba 2314.05
Ontario 2269.57
PEI 2075.54
Saskatchewan 2016.68
Newfoundland 1844.38
New Brunswick 1753.26
British Columbia 1506.79
Federal Government 3745.89

*Source: Headed in the Right Direction, But It Could Be a Bumpy ride 2012 Canadian and Provincial Government Overview November 2012, Page 77


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