September 02, 2015

Hunter statement on mounting Calgary job losses

CARDSTON, AB (September 2, 2015): Today, Wildrose Shadow Jobs Minister Grant Hunter released the following statement, following reports of more mass layoffs in Calgary:

“I’m extremely concerned about the wave of mass job losses we’ve seen hit Calgary over the last number of days.


“More than 1,000 Calgary families will be impacted by the layoffs we’ve seen occur over just the past 24 hours, and my thoughts are with all those affected.


“While the global price of oil has hurt employment in Alberta, the NDP government has doubled down on our job pain with risky economic experiments.


“To make matters worse, while Albertans are losing jobs by the thousands and facing an uncertain economic future, the NDP Jobs Minister is busy campaigning for one of Thomas Mulcair's most anti-energy candidates.


“Alberta needs calm, stable leadership right now, and the NDP simply isn’t protecting Alberta’s jobs or economy.”




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