March 25, 2014

Hughes should suspend campaign, focus on DRP claims

EDMONTON, AB (March 25, 2014): With an important deadline looming for Disaster Recovery Plan applications, Municipal Affairs Minister Ken Hughes should suspend his leadership aspirations and focus on his job to ensure  all claims are processed within the promised time frame, Wildrose Municipal Affairs Critic Jeff Wilson said today. 

Hughes has committed to complete 90% of all eligible residential DRP applications by the end of March. Wilson said there’s no way for Hughes to devote the time and energy required to keep his commitment while focusing on his leadership campaign. “Minister Hughes should be putting all his available time into resolving DRP claims but instead he is on a media tour, touting his record and past experience as exactly what the PC Party needs to cling to power,” Wilson said. “His actions demonstrate that he is not considering a run for PC Party leadership, he is actively pursuing it. Meanwhile there are thousands of Albertans waiting for their flood claims to be processed and the minister responsible is too preoccupied with his own political future to address them.” Wilson also said Hughes’ situation illustrates precisely why cabinet ministers seeking the leader’s job should resign immediately. “Being a minister is an important full time job and requires ones complete attention and effort. If any of them want to run for leader, they should do it without the additional resources and major responsibilities that come with being a minister,” Wilson said. “The right thing for them to do is step down, allow for a replacement and make sure the work continues to get done.”


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