November 08, 2012

HQCA report reveals another example of AHS failure

EDMONTON, AB (November 8, 2012): The most recent Health Quality Council of Alberta (HQCA) review on anatomical pathology specimen preparation confirms the fears raised a year ago by Dr. Tony Magliocco that centralization of pathology services at Calgary Lab Services (CLS) would put patients at risk.

The report shows that there is a lack of clarity in the organizational structure of CLS under AHS and that the decision to centralize pathology testing to CLS remains unresolved.  Dr. Magliocco, the former Director of Pathology at the now closed Tom Baker Cancer Centre, came forward last year with grave concerns over the move to centralize lab services at CLS, saying the move could jeopardize the lives of Alberta cancer patients.  “The PC government dismissed Dr. Magliocco’s concerns out of hand but here we are today trying to fix the very problems he alerted us to,” Wildrose Official Opposition Leader Danielle Smith said.  “This government needs to start listening to its front line workers and act on problems in the system instead of bullying them into silence.”  At the time, Magliocco also said he was bullied, intimidated and threatened by AHS officials when he tried to raise his concerns.  Wildrose Health Critic Heather Forsyth said this is just another reason why the current health inquiry needs to be expanded to include issues like the intimidation of our front-line health workers and why the province needs effective whistleblower legislation unlike what the government is currently proposing.   “Dr. Magliocco was brave enough to bring forward his concerns, but instead of acting to fix them, the government tried to bury them,” Forsyth said. “We need an expanded public inquiry and real whistleblower protection so others like Dr. Magliocco can come forward and alert us to problems before it’s too late.” 


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