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How do I send notice to the members?


There are two options for sending notice according to the CA Bylaws:

1. Two Emails (one at 21 days, one a week before) and a Robodial

2. Mailed Letter

You will need to email CA Support the relevant information. The party office sends out the emails and robodial free of charge. If you do a mailout, your CA will have to pay the cost of printing and postage. If you wish to advertise in the local newspaper(s) or have volunteers call the members you may do so in addition to the required notice, but neither of these methods constitutes proper notice.

We recommend sending the details of your AGM to the party around 20 days in advance of when it will have to go out. This is especially true if you use the party office facilities to do a mail out. The letters must all be delivered by the 21 day deadline, not mailed by that deadline.