September 02, 2014

Horner must resign and pay back the cost of flying family members on government aircraft: Anderson

CALGARY, AB (September 2, 2014): Finance Minister and Prentice campaign insider Doug Horner must resign and immediately pay back the cost of flying family members on government aircraft at least 23 times, Wildrose Finance Critic Rob Anderson said today.

Despite being directly responsible for the use of the government fleet as Treasury Board and Finance Minister, Horner has stated repeatedly that each cabinet minister must also be personally responsible.

Anderson said Horner should remember that many of his flights are similar to the flights that have led not only to Ms. Redford’s downfall, but the current calls for investigation by the RCMP.

“If these reports are indeed true, Mr. Horner is just as guilty as his cabinet colleagues and the former Premier in abusing the fleet. That means not only was Mr. Horner turning a blind eye to the abuses happening on his watch, he was also taking part in them,” Anderson said. “Without question, if Mr. Horner wants to show any sense of integrity for the office that he holds, he should immediately resign his position as Treasury Board and Finance Minister and pay back the money. If he won’t, Premier Hancock should relieve him.”

The Auditor General’s investigation into the use of government aircraft showed repeated instances of planes used for personal business and partisan PC party fundraisers. Horner also misled the Legislature when he insisted there was legitimate government business in Grande Prairie in October 2012 the day planes flew several PC MLAs there to attend a PC party fundraiser that night.

With Horner sitting as a key player on the Jim Prentice leadership campaign, Anderson said Prentice needs to take a firm stance on Horner’s abuses.

“Given Mr. Horner’s record of spending and scandal, it is unfathomable why Mr. Prentice has kept him in his inner circle,” Anderson said. “Mr. Prentice needs to be crystal clear with Albertans that Mr. Horner will have no part in any future cabinet positions, or have any further associations on his leadership campaign.”


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