November 06, 2012

Hiring of insiders highlights PC culture of corruption

EDMONTON, AB (November 6, 2012): The hiring of high level PC insiders and lobbyists by an Alberta post-secondary institution highlights an ongoing culture within the PC government where tax dollars are up for grabs if PC insiders and cronies are involved, Wildrose Justice and Solicitor General Critic Shayne Saskiw said today.

As unveiled by freedom of information requests from the CBC, the hiring of two well connected PC insiders at $5,000 a month each by the Alberta College of Art and Design is said by former college president to have brought the “greatest fundraising success” from government sources in the college’s history while the current college president admitted that it provided “expedited access.”  “This is just another example of how this out of touch PC government demands party loyalty from our publicly funded institutions in order to get funding,” Saskiw said.  “With thousands of tax dollars finding their way into PC coffers from prohibited corporations to granting special access to PC party members, it’s clear that a culture of entitlement and corruption within this government remains rampant.”  With senior PC insiders able to lobby for thousands in new government funding, Saskiw plans to launch a complaint with the Alberta lobbyist registrar.  “This isn’t the first time we have seen the PCs think they are above the rules, whether it be the hiring of former Minister Evan Berger or the ongoing cases of illegal donations to the PC party,” Saskiw said.  “If Ministries granted special access to these individuals, this should be made public so Albertans can know whether their tax dollars are up for grabs based on need or partisan favour.”  “We need a system where post-secondary institutions don’t feel squeezed to get basic funding for everyday operations,” Wildrose Advanced Education Critic Gary Bikman said.  “This is just more of the same old PCs letting business as usual go unquestioned.” 


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