August 13, 2015

Health Minister playing ideological games with our health care system: Barnes

EDMONTON, AB (August 13, 2015): Today’s decision to cancel AHS’ Edmonton Laboratory RFP process was driven by ideology and not evidence-based decision making on what’s best for Edmonton and northern Alberta patients, Wildrose Shadow Health Minister Drew Barnes said today.

“We’ve been hearing there were challenges with the contract, and the review process needed to be fixed, but rejecting this proposal and future proposals based purely on ideology serves only to hurt patients in the long-run,” Barnes said. “The rejection of successful private health delivery within a publicly funded and administered system that leads to lower costs and stronger outcomes is bad news for our health care system.”

Today’s announcement did not include total costs to the taxpayer for the sudden cancellation of the RFP process, or any other practical solutions in the short-term beyond a review.

Dynalife’s current contract to deliver lab services ends in March 2016.

“No costs were made known today, and no timelines for even having a solution to ensuring the stable supply of lab services for the people of northern Alberta,” Barnes said. “This is bad government policy, and it is shocking the Minister can’t give Albertans the costs of her own decisions. This type of ideological approach to driving out quality private delivery within a public system will only damage the quality of care patients receive.”


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