March 28, 2014

Hancock must explain outrageous staffer contracts

CALGARY, AB (March 28, 2014): Premier Dave Hancock must explain what policies and practices the Premier’s Office uses when negotiating contracts with staff, following another round of outrageous severance payouts to top staffers from the office, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today.

Documents revealed Thursday show nine Premier’s Office staff were recently paid out $1.3 million in severance following the departure of former Premier Alison Redford. Redford’s chief of staff, Farouk Adatia, took away more than $366,871 while principal secretary, Lee Richardson, went home with $231,808. According to Wildrose Municipal Affairs Critic Jeff Wilson, the Premier’s Office continues to draw up these unacceptable contracts, allowing for these giant payouts to occur. He said the PC government owes taxpayers some answers. “These contracts are simply outrageous,” Wilson said. “They include everything from personal flight allowances to a severance liability of more than one million dollars. Premier Hancock’s office must explain how these contracts are negotiated, because it appears staffers can demand anything they want in PC wonderland. Money is no object.” Wilson said the PC government can’t seem to learn from its mistakes. He pointed to the fact Redford’s first chief of staff, Stephen Carter, walked away with a severance of $130,000 after he was only on the job for six months. “Without some transparency, we’re sure to see another round of contracts just like these,” Wilson said. “This party acts like it’s accountable to no one. They’ve had numerous opportunities to correct their behavior but it’s clear their contempt for taxpayer dollars has never been greater.”


Jeff Wilson Calgary-Shaw Jeff Wilson was elected on April 23, 2012 as the MLA for Calgary-Shaw, and acts as the Wildrose municipal affairs critic.


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