November 19, 2013

Hale welcomes WADEMSA contract resolution

EDMONTON, AB (NOVEMBER 19, 2013): After two years of difficult contract negotiations, Strathmore-Brooks MLA Jason Hale is pleased to see Wheatland and District Emergency Medical Services Association sign a contract with Alberta Health Services.

 “I would like to thank WADEMSA for all the hard work they put into securing this contract to continue provide outstanding ambulance service to the region. I would also like to recognize the tremendous service they provide to the community,” Hale said. Securing adequate funding for ambulance services shouldn’t be such a struggle, Hale said. “Negotiating with AHS shouldn’t be this difficult. I admire the determination of WADEMSA to stay the course and insist on receiving adequate funding to continue providing the top notch service they provide day to day.” Hale questioned Health Minister Fred Horne on the negotiations in spring, after AHS proposed to cut front line ambulance services to the region by $500,000, and pressured the government to get AHS back to the table after negotiations stalled in September. “After months of negotiations and uncertainty I am pleased that the residents of Wheatland County will continue to receive local, efficient and proven ambulance services they have come to rely on for the past 25 years.”



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