October 13, 2012

Hale on news of temporary layoff of workers at XL Foods

BROOKS, AB (October 13, 2012):  Wildrose MLA for Stathmore-Brooks, Jason Hale, released the following statement on news that 2,000 workers have been temporarily laid off at the XL Foods plant.  “My thoughts go out to the workers and families impacted by this decision today as the community of Brooks continues to deal with the economic hardships the E. coli crisis has caused.

“The number one priority for all parties involved, including at CFIA and at XL Foods, needs to be ensuring that all safety recommendations being put forward are conformed to.  We continue to ask for a full investigation to find out what went wrong to ensure safety and confidence in our beef industry is not compromised again.  “Once again, my thoughts are extended to all those impacted by today’s announcement and it is critical that all involved do as much as possible to restore the confidence in our beef industry and to get Albertans in Brooks back to work.” 



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