July 30, 2012

Government still hiding the truth on Carmangay closure

CARMANGAY, AB (July 30, 2012): Health Minister Fred Horne continues to be secretive and untruthful about the Redford government’s imminent closure of the Little Bow Continuing Care Centre in Carmangay, failing again to disclose both when residents were notified of the closure and the reason for it.

Last week, Wildrose Little Bow MLA Ian Donovan sent a letter to Horne, asking for the government’s criteria for deciding on the closure, as well as proof that residents have known about the closure “for some time,” as he claimed. Families of the patients at LBCCC, most of whom suffer from dementia, say moving residents to other facilities, as AHS is planning to do, will put their lives at risk. This claim has been substantiated by experts.  Donovan gave Horne until today’s rally in Carmangay in support of keeping the long-term care centre open to come clean with Albertans on both.  He hasn’t, and residents remain in the dark about why their well-being will be put at serious risk when AHS forces them out.  “Minister Horne has made a mess of this situation and he’s still refusing to come clean on the real reason why this facility is being closed and these residents are being forced from their homes,” Donovan said. “Carmangay residents and their families deserve to know the truth, and this government keeps withholding it from them.”  Once the facility is closed, AHS will move residents into beds far away from their families that will not meet the high level of care they require.  “This is textbook mismanagement from the PC government,” Wildrose Official Opposition Leader Danielle Smith said. “They’re forcing seniors out of their homes, away from their families, into beds that will not meet their needs. We should be building more long-term care facilities where they are needed, not closing down the ones we have.”  Wildrose supports expanding long-term care and home care, so more seniors are able to age in their communities while receiving the care they need. 



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