May 09, 2017

Government abandons duties on legal aid: Pitt

Yesterday in Question Period, Wildrose Shadow Justice Minister Angela Pitt called on the Justice Minister to stop wasting taxpayer dollars and take action to ensure the efficiency of Legal Aid Alberta.

The questions were premised off of the recent Auditor General’s findings showing a lack of Ministerial oversight, and an interview with Premier Notley in 2014 were she condemned the former Justice Minister on the file, describing his inaction as a “complete abandonment of his duties as the Minister of Justice.” Wildrose is urging this government to follow through on legal aid reform and publicly release their internal report.
“The Auditor General’s report shows they are unable to answer whether or not their legal aid program is sustainable," Pitt said. "The minister seems to be missing in action on her file.”
Legal Aid Alberta provides representation and other services for eligible individuals who cannot otherwise afford it. The recent Auditor General report shows that no performance measures to monitor the quality or cost-effectiveness of providing legal aid have been in place until just recently.
“A trend is emerging with this NDP government,” Pitt said. “Saying one thing while in opposition then taking no action while in government is not only an insult to Albertans but unfair to underserviced individuals who need legal aid. This NDP government has abandoned legal aid reform as a priority.”


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