February 05, 2014

Forsyth statement on urgent care centre review

CALGARY, AB (February 5, 2014): Wildrose Health Critic Heather Forsyth released the following statement in response to the urgent care centres review conducted by Alberta Health Services: “This review absolutely sounds the alarm on the state of urgent care in the Calgary area and makes the very clear point that this government’s current policies are putting patients at risk. 

“Seemingly across the board, urgent care centres are chronically under-resourced with either not enough trained medical staff or the wrong mix of health professionals working in them. This is consistent with an overarching problem that has plagued Alberta Health Services since its inception. “The solution remains what it has been all along: Reducing layers of bureaucracy so more resources can flow to the front lines. In the case of urgent care centres, that means actually finding the right mix of health professionals, equipment and other infrastructure to serve patients in a timely and effective manner. “Our front line health professionals continue to do heroic work without the resources they need. It’s time to heed the warnings in this report and start getting funding and resources where they are most needed.”


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