October 29, 2013

Forsyth statement on service dogs

EDMONTON, AB (October 29, 2013): After being officially joined by Quill for the fall session at the Alberta Legislature, the first service dog to sit with an elected member in Alberta history, Wildrose MLA Heather Forsyth released the following statement:  “My hearing loss gave me the opportunity to meet with the wonderful people of the Lions Foundation of Canada. 

 Their mission is to provide service dogs to assist Canadians with medical or physical disabilities.  “The success story of the Lions Foundation is evident with the unique bond the service dogs develop with their owners.  That certainly has been the case for myself after spending five months with Quill, who has been trained to respond to eight different sounds to serve me through my day to day activities.  “After spending time with Quill, it is hard not to think about Quonto, the service dog who was cruelly stabbed while serving with the Edmonton Police.  I want to thank the federal Conservative government for Quonto’s law to protect all service dogs to respond to such awful behavior directed towards some of our most loyal friends and give the legislation my full support.  “I would also like to encourage all Albertans to learn more or donate to the Lions Foundation and the excellent work they do each and every day.”  VIDEO of Forsyth’s member’s statement in the Legislature can be found here: http://wildro.se/1mq


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