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This weekend Albertans heard a startling revelation from Avi Lewis, the author of the economy-destroying “Leap Manifesto.” In an interview Saturday, Lewis said that the “conversation is shifting” away from new pipelines as a direct result of the statements from Tzeporah Berman, one of Premier Notley’s chief advisors on the oil sands.

Last week, we called on Notley to fire Berman for arguing against new pipelines on national radio and for misrepresenting the environmental efforts of Alberta’s energy producers. This kind of rhetoric is dishonest and it’s damaging to the economic interests of our great province and country.

Lewis puts it best when he points out that this is “an Alberta government appointment, who is now saying the very same things that we were excoriated for saying just last spring.” 

Premier Notley cannot allow this type of damaging talk to continue to come from the chief advisors within her office.

To put it plainly, if a government statement gets the Leap Manifesto seal of approval, it’s probably not helpful for Alberta families struggling to find or keep a job.

The Premier must fire Tzeporah Berman.

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Listen to Avi Lewis here