December 19, 2012

Find savings from PC entitlement, not in home care

EDMONTON, AB (December 19, 2012):  A $1.6 million dollar cut in homecare services to take care of our most vulnerable can easily be recouped by taking aim at the lavish perks and entitlements enjoyed by an out-of-touch PC government, Wildrose Seniors Critic Kerry Towle said today.

 After Premier Alison Redford broke a promise with a 25 per cent cut in the amount of time for home care services, AHS officials are justifying the move as necessary to find $1.6 million dollars in savings before March 31st. Instead of finding savings on the backs of our most vulnerable the Wildrose is proposing that the PC government take a look at cuts elsewhere:

  • 8% MLA Pay Raises: PC MLAs voted themselves an 8% pay raise, equaling $10,826 in extra pay annually earlier this fall.  Cutting MLA pay raises would leave an extra $941,862 this year alone to continue to provide funding for home care.
  • $450,000 in bonuses for AHS executives: About a dozen AHS executives received fat bonus cheques despite the Superboard missing virtually all of its key targets on performance measures for emergency rooms and wait times.
  • Ending outrageous AHS expenses and severance packages: Millions of dollars have been wasted in our health care system through lavish expenses and severance packages.  The Wildrose has called for an end to the current severance packages for senior managers and executives and a review to be much more modest and related to actual job performance.

“It’s irresponsible for this government to target our most vulnerable for savings after this government voted themselves an 8% pay raise,” Towle said.  “Now with cuts to home care services, costs in health care will only increase with our acute care beds being clogged up, while entitlement programs for the PC government and high level AHS executives stay in check.  This government is failing to prioritize its spending to put our seniors and Albertans in need of help first.”


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