May 31, 2016

Fildebrandt suspension lifted: Wildrose Caucus

Today, the Wildrose Caucus voted to lift the suspension on MLA Derek Fildebrandt, effective immediately.

“There is a clear commitment from Derek to address Caucus’ concerns to be accountable for his track record on social media and to take steps to fix it. Derek has fully accepted Caucus’ concerns and criteria.

"Derek is an important member of our Wildrose team and we all expect him to have a bright future within our organization. Along with our entire Wildrose team and the broader conservative family, we look forward to Derek joining us once again to work on building a united conservative alternative that invites and attracts Albertans from all backgrounds who believe in smaller government, strong families and safe communities.” – Wildrose Leader Brian Jean

“I’m pleased to rejoin my colleagues and Leader Brian Jean today, and to move forward together. We have important work to do in holding the NDP government to account and standing up for Alberta. We should move forward together as a unified caucus and party behind the leadership of Brian Jean, with a focus on serving Albertans." Derek Fildebrandt, MLA Strathmore-Brooks

Fildebrandt agreed to a plan to better handle and control social media, including hiring a social media manager to handle public interactions.

Caucus was pleased that Fildebrandt accepted the criteria to have the suspension lifted. The multiple alleged conditions reported yesterday in the media were not accurate.


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